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The Crew....


Trouble is their game


The central character in The Crew is Billy Evans; a successful car trader from Romford who has a darker side to his nature; he is a football hooligan. Using violence as a tool, Billy has worked his way up to a position of power within the hooligan hierarchy and now heads one of the most notorious and well organised groups in England. But for him, violence is only a means to an end. He has other ambitions, and not all of them involve football either.


His adversary is Detective Inspector Paul Jarvis of the National Football Intelligence Unit (NFIU). He is well aware of Billy’s involvement with organised hooliganism, but more importantly, he also blames him for the murder of a fellow officer during a disturbance at Euston station some years before. The problem is,  Jarvis has never been able to prove anything. But he has sworn that he will never give up trying until he does.


During the build up to an international fixture involving England and Italy in Rome, Jarvis finds out that Billy Evans is recruiting a gang of hooligans to stage a repeat of the 1995 Dublin riot. With this information at hand, he manages to infiltrate the group and sets out to get the evidence to finally put Billy Evans behind bars. However, things are not as they seem. Billy is up to something and Jarvis is about to find out that not only is Rome a long way from London, anything can happen during the journey.


The Crew is about the lengths two men on opposite sides of the law will go to, and the risks they will take, to achieve their own aims. It involves deception, double-cross, violence and racism and builds to an astonishing climax which ultimately ends in disaster.


 But for who?



The Background



In 1997, Dougie Brimson received a phone call from the writer Lynda La Plante  asking him if he would meet her to discuss a project.


During this meeting, she informed him that following on from the success of a pilot television drama called Stand And Deliver, her production company, LLP, had been commissioned to develop a TV series based around an undercover police unit. Her idea was to write one of the episodes about an operation targeted at a gang of hooligans who were becoming involved in criminal activities away from football. Dougie, as a recognised expert on the subject, was offered the chance to bring his expertise to bear on the plot. An offer he gladly accepted.


However, as discussions continued, it became clear that the initial ideas being developed were totally unrealistic and so Dougie offered to go away and develop a plot line on his own. After a few days, he returned with an outline for an episode entitled The Crew.


The response from the production team was astonishing and the idea was immediately accepted and submitted for acceptance by the ITV network controllers. However, although the series was commissioned, Dougie’s idea was rejected, officially on the basis of cost. Unofficially, the real reason was because the plot involved elements that were simply too controversial for network television.


Initially disappointed by this, Dougie received a huge boost when he was contacted by the head of development at LLP productions who told him that she was hugely impressed with his work and made him promise that one day, he would turn this idea into a book.


That book became the best-selling, The Crew.



Reviews Include


The most authentic [novel] ever published about the world of football hooligans.



More twists and turns than a Roger Milla goal celebration...... Just buy it!

Total Football


A classic tale of good versus evil...... you won't see the ending coming!








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