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Free ebooks....



I have an offer for you..... I want you to have a free book. That's right, totally free.


There are no strings atached and as far as I know, downloading them won't even dunp some annoying cookie on your PC which will allow some b*****d to rip off your bank details.


And they're not rubbish books either, but two of my biggest sellers and best reviewed. However, don't take my word for that. Just click on the covers below and you'll be taken to either Amazon or iTunes where you'll be able to cast your eyes over the reader reviews and quotes from the press. If you like them, then please download them with my thanks.



The Crew                



So why am I doing it I hear you ask?


Well it's simply because I want as many people as I can to sample my work in the hope that they will be sufficiently hooked to purchase one if not more of my other books.


In the case of The Crew that might mean the sequel Top Dog or possibly even one of my comedy books Billy's Log, The Art of Fart or The Geezers Guide to Football.


If you like Everywhere We Go you'll love England, My England, Capital Punishment, Derby Days, Barmy Army, Eurotrashed or Kicking Off.


Just as importantly, every author knows that the best form of advertising is word of mouth and I am no exception so I want to encourage every single person who reads my work to spread the word be it by leaving a reader reviews somewhere, tweeting something or even posting a link onto Facebook. Everything and anything you can do helps! 


So if you haven't read either book, please take them with my thanks and hopefully you'll enjoy them!


I'll leave what happens after that entirely up to you.


Best wishes







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