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I have been a professional writer since 1995 with 14 successful titles published internationally covering both non-fiction and fiction (thriller & comedy) as well as a multi-award winning feature film.


I am not however, what you could call a 'traditional' author as I received no formal training and most certainly did not set out to write for a living. It was very much an accident!


But what this means is that everything I have achieved and learnt has been done the hard way. From getting my first book published in 1996 right through to keeping one of my eBooks at #1 on the sports download chart of Amazon UK, Amazon US and iTunes for a solid year, I have been through pretty much every hoop publishing has thrown at me! And all without the help and support of an agent!


That kind of experience comes hard earned but it is very easily shared. All you need to do is ask!


Popular subjects for talks include 'My Life as a Writer', 'How to get Started', 'Marketing your ebook' and 'The Search for Inspiration'. However, all talks will be tailored to suit the ocassion and will end with a Q&A session.


My style is best described as motivational and has received excellent feedback primarily on account of my presentations being not simply full of information but fast paced and full of enthusiasm. Most of all they are fun!


I am available for all kinds of events from after dinner speaking through to informal book club chats so if you have an event and would like to discuss my possible participation, please email me details.







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