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A multi-published best-selling author and increasingly sought after screenwriter best known for penning the multi-award winning Green Street, former serviceman Dougie Brimson is one of the UK's most prolific writers.


With over half a million books sold worldwide, his first title Everywhere We Go (first published in 1996) remains a cult classic whilst his first novel, The Crew, has held the #1 slot on the soccer charts of both Amazon and iTunes for over two years and was the most downloaded football related title of 2012!


However in recent years, thanks to his comedy novels including Billy's Log, The Geezers Guide to Football and The Art of Fart Dougie has become increasingly identified with his often controversial defence of the male of the species and is a frequent guest on radio and TV talking all things men!


This website contains details of all Dougie's work as well as information on future projects and events including the release of his new comedy novel, Wings of a Sparrow, the big screen adaptation of his novel, Top Dog and the forthcoming urban revenge movie We Still Kill The Old Way.


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